Halloween Special

Almost Halloween!

I’ve always loved Halloween, dressing up, being out at night, getting candy, getting scared, what more could you ask for? This year Truman is going to be a ninja and Amelia is going to be an Eskimo. I’m glad they don’t want to be anything gory yet because they can be a bit morbid.

They’re mostly just silly.

I really wanted to be a giant chicken or a penguin to go with Amelia’s costume, but they’re expensive and I just don’t feel like making a costume.

There was a time when my job, well one of my jobs, was to dress up as a giant teddy bear and deliver little teddy bears and balloons to people. It was called, a Bear-O-Gram (genius).

I secretly loved this. It was so freeing to put on a giant two piece animal costume and walk through places like hospitals, retirement homes, and schools. Nobody frowns at a giant teddy bear, and those places need smiles. Everyone says, “hey a bear!”, and then you can respond with not very witty things like, “hey people!”. I was not required to sing, but I could be easily persuaded to belt out a “Happy Birthday”, or really any song, if asked. Maybe I should get one of those costumes again and go hang out where smiles are needed.

Looks like the silly doesn’t fall far from the tree.


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  1. aw I love ya!


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