Me Feel It All

Not only is that an awesome video, but it used to be Truman’s favorite song. I believe he was 3 almost 4 years old when he loved this song. At the time he only spoke caveman, and refused to use proper pronouns correctly. I loved that phase, I was a bit sad when he started using proper grammar. Truman’s version of this song was, “Me Feel It All”!

This was around the same time he wrote his now infamous song, “Us Can Do Whatever Us Wants” in our friends backyard with a ukulele in hand. On the Pony Express car of the Railroad Revival Train, he cleverly brought this song back into rotation when he got his turn on the microphone and it quickly became the theme of the entire tour. And it was true.

But today, me feel it all is my theme. I feel like I’ve gotten a brand new beginning starting NOW, and it all feels great. Finally out of my moving to Texas hermit phase, into life! Maybe it’s my new bangs.

photo by Amelia Conway (photo bomb bunny ears by Truman Conway)

Lesson of the day: Grammar is great, but meaning is more.


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