Deer Blind

There are a lot of deer around here.

A lot.

The kids have started a new game, which is basically called “how close can we get to a deer”. For Truman the goal is  to get close so he can shoot a deer with his bow and arrow. For Amelia it is to get close enough to get a video of deer on her Flip camera (given to her by her number zero friend Hilary. Zero is the new number one.). They have both been successful, but Truman only got a deer in the leg and his arrow is about as sharp as an apple.

The latest tactic is to put food out for the deer and then hide and wait. They built this deer blind out of one of our moving boxes.

They’re usually too noisy and restless for the deer to get too close to them. The poor deer are starving, though and will try to get to the food for quite some time. Then a buck snorts and  all the deer scatter. Buck snorts sound like an old man sneezing. There’s a town in Tennessee called Bucksnort.

Lesson for the day: Sometimes being still and saying less can get you more.


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3 responses »

  1. Love this story. Bucksnort!

  2. I bet the kids LOVE the nature!!

  3. “Zero is the new number one.” testify


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