Wild Cat In London

Our cats have had personality changes since we’ve moved to Texas. Sugar Shug used to be our prowler, a real Tom Cat. We never knew where he was most of the day in Venice. He only came home in the morning to complain about his food dish being empty, sometimes in the evening to sleep someplace soft, and usually when it rained. Often he returned home with battle wounds, which have left him with two rips in his ear. But Sugar Shug  is not having this Texas heat.  He hardly goes outside at all.

Our younger kitty, London, a sweet little girl, barely a year old, has become our wild cat. She is now an explorer, a hunter and a mad tree climber. She has caught at least two scorpions, several spiders, a massive grasshopper, and this lizard:

She chewed it’s back leg off, but left it alive. Truman disposed of it outside. He is in charge of all things I consider gross in the house including, insects, spiders, lizards, and whatever other weird Texas creatures decide to come inside (please dont’ let it be snakes!).

London likes to go with me when I put food out for the deer in the back field.

She stalks the deer after they get their food.

She hides in the tall grasses and pretends to be a little lion.

Then she comes back in the yard and rolls in the dirt.

But I do not want to misrepresent her, she is still a lady and likes to lie out by the pool,

And sip tea.

I’ve been concerned that the children were becoming more like Sugar Shug, just wanting to stay indoors, out of the heat. They’ve been choosing computer games and Wii over imagination and physical activity. As an attempt to rememdy their lack of outdoor enthusiasm, yesterday evening I dared them to jump into the pool with their clothes on.

They took that dare, but with the stipulation that I had to go first. We all had enough fun to turn our dare into a night swim, which is one of the most magical times in our backyard. I can’t help but remember to be grateful when I look around and see my kids playing one of their bizzare make believe games under the big Texas sky with so many stars and a bright sliver of moon shining down on us.

Lesson of the day: Sometimes you have to be a little wild and daring.


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